Did you take the advice the doctor advised you?

I advised someone before but he didn’t follow that advice.

Pretty confusing. To an ESL beginner, this sentence seems complicated and incorrect.

But does this make sense at all? Really?

Well, of course. The sentence above is grammatically consistent.

Many people interchange the use of both words without noticing the error. That is the bad news.  And the good news? You don’t need rocket science to fully understand the differences.

ADVICE and ADVISE are Homonyms.

Homonyms are words , which share the same pronunciation although with different meanings and spelling.

ADVICE is a Noun while ADVISE is a Verb.

ADVICE means a suggestion or recommendation given by a person to another. It is pronounced as [ad-vahyz].


The professor gave advice to his students to focus on their studies.

“You have to give your full attention to your schooling.”

ADVISE means to suggest or recommend. It is pronounced as [ad-vahys].

the act of giving advice is TO ADVISE


My mother always advises me to go home early.

Here are some exercises to move the genius in you:

  1. Danny and John (advise,advice) me to take vitamins.
  2. I  (advise,advice) you to please just relax.
  3. My coach gave me an (advise,advice) on how to win the competition.
  4. She always forgets my (advise,advice).
  5. The man’s lawyers (advise, advice) him what to do.

Feeling confident? You should be. Here’s the answers.

While it’s truly easy mastering these words, it is still important to use them always. That’s what we call consistently.

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