Blow up


(A) To destroy or be destroyed by an explosion (separable)

1.The terrorists BLEW the building UP at midday.

2.The car BLEW UP but luckily there was nobody in it.

3. The house was BLOWN UP by a big fire.


(B) Filling an object with air (separable)

1.Other than BLOWING UP a tire, I hadn’t done any car maintenance.

2.Jennifer was happy as her father BLEW UP a bed.

3.Kids love to BLOW bubbles UP.

(C) To make a photograph larger (separable)

1.We had the photograph BLOWN UP for framing.

2.How big can you BLOW this picture UP?

3.They have to BLOW UP her picture to make a large poster of her.


(D) A sudden start of a storm or strong wind (separable)

1.The race had to be canceled when the storm BLEW the arena UP.

2.The wind is BLOWING UP. Let’s hope it will quickly subside.

3.A terrible thunderstorm BLEW UP while we were walking.


(E) To become very angry (inseparable)

1.The boss BLEW UP when the shipment arrived late.

2.When Myra told Kat she’d tell her secret, she BLEW UP.

3.My parents BLOW UP when they find out about my poor grades.