Check out/ Check out of

(A) Pay one’s bill and leave a hotel. (inseparable)

1. Is Mr. Bush still at the hotel?” “No, he CHECKED OUT this morning.”.

2. I CHECKED my family OUT early.

3. Mr. Smith CHECKED OUT early this morning and left for Europe.

(B) Investigate or verify. (separable)

1. I don’t know if the address is still valid. I’ll CHECK it OUT.

2. We carefully CHECK the car OUT for defects.

3. The police are still trying to CHECK OUT his alibi.

(C) To do whatever is necessary to leave a place and then depart (inseparable)

1. I will CHECK OUT OF the office and come right to where you are.

2. I will CHECK OUT OF the hotel at about noon.

3. We have to CHECK OUT OF the house before evening.


(D) To die (inseparable)

1. There are still a lot of things I want to accomplish in life before I finally CHECK OUT.

2. When he got cholera, he was sure he’d CHECK OUT.

3. When I CHECK OUT, I want to be buried in a fancy coffin.