On A Diet to Lose Weight


Shelly has always been overweight. Because of this, she cannot play a lot of games with her friends. She feels tired easily.

Shelly is now in high school. A lot of her classmates admire Andrew. Shelly does too.

Andrew is Shelly’s classmate since elementary. He is a very likable boy. As a son, he is very caring and respectful.

However, Andrew is not very nice to Shelly. He bullies her. Even if Shelly likes Andrew, she tries to avoid him. He always tells Shelly how fat she is. She just cries.

Shelly does not like being fat anymore. She goes on a diet eating only soda crackers. She goes to the gym too.


One day, she feels sick. She does not attend her classes because she is very exhausted. Shelly’s mother brings her to the hospital.

“You should eat nutritious food.” says the doctor. “You are still very young to be on a diet”, the doctor added.

Shelly wants to be healthy again. She begins to eat more nutritious food and ignores her classmates who bully her.

“I don’t care what they think about me”, Shelly says to herself. Being healthy is more important.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What are the qualities of Andrew?
  2. Why does Shelly avoid Andrew?
  3. What does Shelly eat to lose weight?
  4. What does the doctor say to Shelly?
  5. Why does Shelly not attend classes?

Discussion Questions

  1. What must a person eat in order to lose weight?
  2. Are there a lot of gyms near your house?
  3. Is going on a diet dangerous?
  4. Did you go on a diet before? What did you do?
  5. Do you like to exercise? Why or why not?


Matching Type

____1. admire a. tired
____2. bully b. not to notice
____3. avoid c. a person who makes someone feel bad by calling names
____4. exhausted d. to like someone
____5. ignore e. escape; not to come close to

Sentence Completion

Shelly _____________ Andrew but he ______________ her. Shelly always ___________ Andrew. Shelly goes on a diet. One day, she feels ____________________. She gets sick and goes to the doctor. Good health is more important to Shelly. Now, Shelly _________ people who tell her she is fat.