Forever A Bridesmaid


Jean is a successful career woman who is often busy. She almost has no time for herself. One day, her friend Marie visits her.

“Jean, when are you getting married?”, Marie says. “I don’t have time for that honestly”, replied Jean. At the back of her mind, Jean realizes that she is not getting any younger anymore. She is afraid that soon enough, she might see some white hair on her head.

Jean had several relationships in the previous years but she ended up brokenhearted. After these break-ups, Jean devoted herself to her parents.

One night, Jean decides to go on a date with her colleague, John. John has asked out Jean so many time but she seems not interested. But now, Jean finds the courage to eat dinner with him.

The two talk all night but they don’t seem to get along well. Jean finds John arrogant.

Jean continues to date other guys but she does not seem to jive with them.

Jean gets a call from her friend Marie inviting her to a wedding party. Jean gets sad suddenly. She is again asked to become a bridesmaid.

“Well, I think I just have to wait for Mr. Right.”, Jean said.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What kept Jean busy?
  2. What did Marie ask Jean?
  3. Who did Jean go out with?
  4. Why did Jean and John not get along well?
  5. What event did Marie invite Jean to?

Guide Questions

  1. What is the average marrying age for people in your country?
  2. What do you think is the right age to get married?
  3. What qualities should one look for in a future partner (husband or wife)?
  4. What’s the best place to meet people?
  5. Why do some people choose to be single?


Matching Type

____1. previous a. bossy
____2. brokenhearted b. get along with
____3. devoted c. prior
____4. arrogant d. hopeless
____5. jive with e. dedicate or make time for

Sentence Completion

Jean had _____________ relationships who made her ________________. After that, she __________ herself to her parents. She dated John but he was _______________. She also dated other guys but she didn’t __________ them.