I Want to Belong


Wendy is in 6th grade. She always gets high scores in examinations. Her classmates sometimes envy her so she only has a few pals.

She wants to be part of Diana’s friends. However, every time Wendy goes to her, Diana pushes her away. “You always get good grades while we do not” says Diana to Wendy. “What shall I do to be your friend? asks Wendy. Diana replies, “Come! Let’s go shopping and forget our exams tomorrow”. Wendy is hesitant but she follows Diana because she wants to be close to her.

The girls go to the mall, watch a movie and buy new clothes. Wendy is so tired when she gets home and falls into slumber.


Diana wakes up at 8.00 in the morning and her exam is at 8.30. She is confused and doesn’t know what to do. She forgets to review her lessons. She doesn’t want to read her notes anymore

She is frustrated when she gets the results. Her teacher is shocked too. For the first time in her life, Wendy fails the exam.

Diana comes to Wendy and asks her to go out after the class. Wendy says that she wants to go home because she is sick.

Wendy cries and her mom consoles her. She promises to do better in her tests. Wendy finally leaves Diana’s group.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why were others jealous of Wendy?
  2. Who told Wendy to go shopping?
  3. What happened to Wendy’s test?
  4. How did Wendy’s teacher feel about her tests results?
  5. Did Wendy continue her friendship with Diana? If so, why?

Discussion Points

  1. How does a person get good grades in an examination?
  2. Did you have a lot of friends at school?
  3. How should one choose his or her friends?
  4. Would you still continue to be friends with someone who is not a good influence?
  5. Which is more important: friendship or good grades?


Matching Type

____1. envy a. sleep
____2. hesitant b. hopeless; disappointed
____3. slumber c. make someone feel good
____4. frustrated d. be jealous
____5. console e. unsure


Completing Sentences

Wendy’s friends are _________ of her because she always gets good grades. At first, she is ___________ to go shopping with Wendy. When Wendy gets home, she is tired and falls into ___________. Wendy’s teachers are _______________ because she got very low grades. Wendy cries and her mom _______________ her.