In The Hotel Lobby


Raymond lives in Spain and Mariza in Australia. The two meet online. They chat with each other day and night.

Raymond asks Mariza to send him pictures but Mariza refuses for she is shy. He requests her to open her video camera, but Mariz does not want to.

The two of them continues their friendship until Raymond confesses his love for Mariz. She likes him as well so she gladly accepted him.

Finally, they decide to meet each other in Hong Kong. They were full of excitement.

Mariz tells Raymond to find her at the hotel Lobby. When Raymond arrives, there was only one woman sitting. Raymond comes close to the woman and she says “It’s nice to meet you, Raymond.”

Raymond has mixed emotions. The woman is as old as her mother. He doesn’t expect Mariz to be an old woman.

Raymond says to himself “I love Mariz and no matter what she looks like, my feeling won’t change”. He gets the hand of the old woman and embraces her.

A gorgeous lady in a red dress comes to them.

The old woman says “Raymond, this is my daughter Mariza”.

Raymond’s heart beats faster. He asks Mariza’s hand for marriage.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Where did Raymond and Mariza meet?
  2. Why didn’t Mariza send pictures to Raymond?
  3. Where did the two decide to meet?
  4. Who did Raymond see sitting in the hotel lobby?
  5. Who was the old woman?

Guide Questions

  1. Have you visited an online dating site before?
  2. Do you think that you can truly know a person just by dating online?
  3. What are some wedding traditions in your country?
  4. What do you know about destination weddings?
  5. Are international marriages common in your country?


Matching Type

____1. refuse a. to tell the truth
____2. shy b. hug
____3. confess c. to say no
____4. expect d. not comfortable with people
____5. embrace e. to wish for something to happen

Sentence Completion

Raymond and Mariza meet online. Raymond asks Mariza to send him pictures but Mariza  _______ for she is ________. Raymond ___________ his love for Mariza. When they meet, Raymond doesn’t __________ that Mariza is an old woman. He gets her hand and _______ her.