Last Full Show


Manny has always dreamt of becoming a movie director.

As a teenager, Manny remembers himself directing a short Romeo and Juliet play for a school presentation. He likes teaching people how to act. He likes creating good short movies. He continues making short movies.

He wants to become a famous director. However, Manny stops when his father dies because he needs to work for her mother. His father is the only breadwinner.

Manny starts selling vegetables and toys in the street. He helps her mother do household chores while trying to find a more stable job.

Many weeks pass and Manny still does not find a good job. He hears a sad news that his mother has a terminal illness. Manny continues to find a work. His mother is feeling so sorry for him but this does not discourage Manny.

While walking down the street, he sees a job post saying “ a company is looking for a director for a short play”. He goes to the company office immediately. He gives his documents to the manager and gets hired right away. The manager turns out to be a former classmate who knows that Manny is a good person.



Manny invites his mother to watch the last full show. “I am so proud of you son”, his mother says. “I am delighted to know that you reach your dreams”, she added. Then her mother closes her eyes. Manny cries.

Comprehension Questions

  1. What did Manny like to do when he was a teenager?
  2. Why did he stop studying?
  3. Who was the breadwinner in his family?
  4. How did he know about the job?
  5. Who was the manager of the company?

Discussion Points

  1. What did you want to become when you were a child? Why?
  2. Is it difficult to find a job in your country?
  3. What are some reasons why students stop studying?
  4. Which do you think is more difficult: working or studying? Why?
  5. Why do you think Manny cried at the end of the story?


Matching Type

____1. breadwinner a. firm; not weak
____2. stable b. to lose hope
____3. terminal c. a person who earns and supports a family
____4. discourage d. happy
____5. delighted e. serious; final


Sentence Completion

Manny stops going to school because his father who was the ___________ died. Because of this, Manny wants to get a _________ job. His mother has a ________ sickness but this does not ________ him. When he finally directs his own movie, Manny’s mother is __________.