The Lonely School Girl


Tina is a 9-year old girl who lives in Seattle. When her father gets a new work in Chicago, the whole family needs to relocate. Tina and her siblings are so sad. They will surely miss their friends and teachers. Tina gives gifts to her friends so they can remember her.


On her first day in the new school, Tina is afraid. She doesn’t know anyone. A group of girls smiles at her but she is so shy to smile back.

Tina is very good at Mathematics. One day, she sees a classmate crying. Her name is Kate. She fails her Math exam. Tina offers to teach Kate.

The two go to the library and start studying. They do this every day. Finally, Kate is so happy because she gets good grades in her Math exam.

Tina’s family goes home to Seattle to have a short vacation. Her friends are so excited to see her again. Tina tells them the places she visits in Chicago. She also tells them about her close pal, Kate, and how they get along well.

Tina is not lonely anymore.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why were Tina and her siblings sad?
  2. What was Kate’s problem?
  3. How did Tina help Kate?
  4. What does Tine tell her friends in Chicago?

Discussion Points

  1. Have you helped someone in your class? How?
  2. Do you consider yourself friendly?
  3. How do you make friends?


Matching Type

_____1. relocate a. do or give something to another
_____2. sibling b. friend
_____3. fail c. move to another place
_____4. offer d. brother or sister
_____5. pal e. make a mistake or not passing an exam

Completing Sentences

Tina’s family ____________ to Chicago. She and her ___________ will surely miss her friends. Tina meets Kate who ________ her Mathematics exam. Tina _________ her help to Kate. The two are the best of __________.