Phrasal Verbs

50 most commonly used Phrasal Verbs

1. ask out up to
2. ask in 27.look after
3. aim at 28.look up
4. blow up 29.make up
5. boil over up
6. break down 31.move in
7. call off 32.move out
8. call round up
9. check in 34.pick up
10.check out 35.put out
11.cheer up 36.put off out out
13.fall out 38.rub out
14.fall over out
15.follow up up
16.get up 41.sell out
17.give up 42.set off
18.go on 43.settle down
19.grow up off
20.head out 45.sort out
21.hang around 46.take up
22.hang up 47.throw away
23.hurry up 48.try on
24.join in 49.turn down
25.knock out 50.turn off

Here’s a complete list of phrasal verbs with contextual meanings and sample sentences.

abide by- branch out

break away- chuck in

check in- dig into

dig out- fit up

fix up- get around

get around to- grind up

grow apart- kick it off

knock off- mop up

mope about- plump up

plump down- rustle up

saddle up- slow up

slug it out- suss it out

swan about- turn down

turn in- zoom out