The White Blanket


Jane takes her day- off. She goes to a flea market to buy stuff for her apartment. Then she sees a beautiful white blanket with initials GM. She likes it very much so she immediately buys the blanket from the old man.

Mrs. Marita, Jane’s landlady, lives in a small room beside hers. She often gives Jane a plate of home-cooked breakfast because Jane is too busy to prepare one for herself.

Mrs. Marita is a very lovable woman but she is mysterious. She never tells Jane about her family.

One afternoon, Mrs. Marita sees Jane washing the blanket. Her eyes grow wide as if looking at a ghost. Mrs. Marita becomes anxious and fell on the floor.


Jane asks Mrs. Marita what happens.

She is surprised to know that the blanket belongs to Mrs. Marita. In fact, she embroidered the initials GM that stands for Gertrude Marita, her complete name.

Mrs. Marita asks Jane where she gets the blanket.

They hurriedly go to the flea market. Jane sees one of the most romantic reunions ever. The man who sells the blanket is Mrs. Marita’s husband who she has not seen for 25 years.

Her husband used to work as a sailor. He took the blanket with him while at sea. His ship sank but he held on tight to the blanket.

Everybody thinks he is dead so he never returns home. Mrs. Marita goes back to the apartment with her husband.

Comprehension Questions

  1. Where did Jane buy the blanket?
  2. What did Jane notice in the blanket?
  3. What did Mrs. Marita and Jane do after they knew the truth?
  4. What happened to Mrs. Marita’s husband?
  5. Why did her husband never return home?

Discussion Points

  1. Are there flea markets in your country?
  2. Do you buy items in the flea markets? Why or why not?
  3. Will you sell your personal things if you don’t them anymore?Why or why not?

Matching type

____1. flea market a. to continue to do something
____2. landlady b. decorated piece of cloth
____3. anxious c. worried and nervous
____4. embroidered d. a small place to sell goods
____5. hold on tight e. owner of a building or a place to rent

Completing Sentences

 Jane buys an ______________ blanket in a _________. Mrs. Marita, Jane’s _________, becomes _________ when she sees the blanket. Many years ago, Mrs. Marita’s husband ___________ to the blanket while his ship sank.